ASCII Media Technology
ASCII Media's 3D graphics engine utilizes the Adobe Stage 3D enhancements to Flash Player 11.0 to access the GPU from inside the browser on the user's machine.
technology diagram
Fast Rendering
With fast frame rates the engine achieves polygon render counts measured in the millions instead of thousands.
Skinned Character Animation
Realistic characters that move and bend.
Custom Animation Plug-ins
Artists can use current generation 3D content tools and export directly to our engine.
Special Materials
Custom material attributes include image textures, normal maps, specular maps and reflective environment maps. Using custom vertex shaders and pixel shaders enables these materials to draw much faster than software only rendering browser engines.
Advanced Lighting
Models are lit with multiple dynamic lights. Bump mapping and specular effects show the results of changes in dynamic lighting.
The ASCII Media Tech Brochure
Our Tech Brochure includes screen captures, statistics, more features and details about our 3D graphics engine.
Download brochure Plug-Ins available
upon request.
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